Many historical sights determine the image of Nuremberg's Old Town. The landmark, the Kaiserburg, is a must for every visitor to Nuremberg. The big city churches St. Sebald, St. Lawrence and the Frauenkirche should not be missed on any tour. The Henkersteg and the Weinstadel as well as the Heilig-Geist-Spital on the banks of the Pegnitz offer picturesque scenery.

Historic buildings such as the Albrecht Dürer House and the Mauthalle are classics on a sightseeing tour through Nuremberg. The New Museum of Art and Design, on the other hand, surprises with its modern glass façade in medieval surroundings. For museum fans, the Germanic National Museum is another highlight. After a relaxing stroll through the workshops in the Handwerkerhof, a trip to the district of St. Johannis is recommended: there is the Johannisfriedhof, on which Albrecht Dürer and many other important Nuremberg found their final resting place.